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Custom T-Shirts Build Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps (pronounced espree de core) is a French term that mean “spirit of the body.”  This phrase describes the feeling of unity and cohesion within a group that enables them to act as a unit and achieve their goals. The term is often used in the context of the military. However, that spirit that makes members of a group want to succeed can be seen in your scouting troop, little league baseball team, high school football team, cheerleading squad, and even the chess team.

One thing that most of these groups have in common is that they have a uniform. When they are at work, on the field, or performing community service, the team members are usually dressed in their official uniforms. The uniform identifies the team members as being a unified group with the same goals. They wear their uniform with pride to show the world around them that they are part of the team.

There are times when you don’t have to be in full uniform. A football team or a cheerleading squad isn’t going to be in full uniform when they get together off the field. However, that feeling of unity and pride follows them wherever they go. In Scouting, the official uniform is often referred to as their Class As. Most troops also have a t-shirt that includes their troop’s emblem and motto that can be worn when Class As are not required. These t-shirts are universally, but unofficially, known as Class Bs.

Branded t-shirts are a great way to extend that esprit de corps and show unity and pride when your group is out in the world. Custom t-shirts are great whether you are creating a shirt for everyday use or are custom designing a shirt for a specific event, such as a fundraiser or the start of a new season.

Over the years, we have worked with teams, school clubs, cheerleading squads, and community groups to create custom shirts. These shirts have brought groups together, led to pride in membership, and led teams to work together for a common cause. We love the feeling these groups have when they design and wear their custom creations. Let us help you build pride and cohesion within your organization. Let us create the esprit de corps within your team.

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