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It’s Time to Get Ready for Summer Camp

A group of campers

Summer Camp is just 4 months away! Let Burhani Signs and Graphics help you get ready with our custom t-shirts and apparel. Over the years, we have worked with teams, school clubs, cheerleading squads, and community groups to create custom shirts. We have also worked with day camps around Long Island for branded t-shirts to be used as a daily uniform or for camp trips.

Different color t-shirts make it easy to differentiate between groups of different ages and allow camp counselors to stand out in the crowd. Having counselors and group leaders wearing different colors is not only an excellent way for campers and parents to know who is who, but brightly colored shirts are also another level of security you can offer on field trips. When your staff is wearing bright colors that stand out in a crowd, it ensures that kids can easily find and follow their counselors, even if they somehow manage to get separated from the group.

Custom apparel also gives your camp a more professional look when directors and managers wear higher-quality golf shirts with an embroidered camp logo.

Most camps do not have their own facilities, often renting space in schools, local parks, or churches. Since these places will not have signs for the camp, you will need BYOS. Bring your own sign.

The best option is our 13oz vinyl banners good for indoor or outdoor use. These signs are printed with UV ink, so the hot sun of the summer will not cause the signs to fade even after years of use. In addition, they are waterproof and can withstand even the most brutal summer rainstorm. We can also provide smaller signs to direct parents to the drop-off and pickup areas and signs for how to contact the camp during off hours or while the camp is away on a field trip.

Speaking of drop off and pick up, table covers with your camp colors and logo is yet another way to give that professional look to parents as they interact with the camp. Small touches such as t-shirts, professionally created signs, or table covers show that you are thinking about the small details and give parents that good feeling that you are providing a fun, exciting and safe environment for their children.

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