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Retractable Banners

Rather than quote oft disputed percentages regarding how people retain information, there actually have been studies that prove tend to remember things they see more clearly than what they hear. Basically, that’s why businesses would rather spend a small fortune on commercials you can see on television and internet rather than on radio ads like the old days. With the amount of imagery that is bombarded at us daily, having a unique sign to advertise your business is going to make a greater impact than those annoying intercom announcements that many stores utilize to get their point across. Consider a retractable banner instead both to advertise your company and to create an impression that will lead to future business. Additionally, this portable signage makes for a quick, consistent setup at trade shows, conferences, or events.


These banners literally retract into a fraction of their size when deployed. This is particularly useful if you don’t feel like renting a van to transport your advertising materials from one location to another. Having a sign that expands to a much larger size but still fits into a compact car’s trunk allows businesses to utilize the same signs no matter what the employee’s physical capabilities may be. Each retractable banner comes with a travel bag and retractable stand to make set up easy.


Have a bunch of events requiring the same message? Aside from the parameters set by the manufacturer, Burhani Signs, that ensure the banner is printed within safety margins so that all graphic elements are legible, the sign can contain information that is as specific or broad as desired. Depending on the target audience, there is limitless potential to utilize a banner at a variety of venues and occasions.


Made from the either 8.85 oz UV Printed Coated Polyester Fabric or 13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner, these banners are made to last. Have an annual outdoor event? The UV coating keeps fading to a minimum so that you can use it year after year for as long as the message remains relevant with you and your business! Whether you are a business presenting at a conference or a private individual having a class reunion or memorial service, a retractable banner, with adjustable stand and travel bag, is a convenient way to convey a message quickly and then again at another location. Work with our staff to create a quality sign that you can take anywhere, but that will also endure wherever you choose to set it up.

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