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Support Local Small Businesses

One of the best things you can do for your local economy is to support local small businesses.

According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance, there are 10 reasons to support local businesses.

  1. Small businesses increase the local character and prosperity of the community. There are so many national chain stores that come in and make any town look just like every other town. When you support local businesses, you keep your own town unique and prosperous.

  2. Local small businesses have a vested interest in the town, and they do everything they can to keep the business center of town successful.

  3. When local businesses succeed, more is done to allow additional businesses to move in, adding to the overall success of the area.

  4. National chains do not often reinvest in the local economy. The money that is made is moved to the corporate headquarters taking money out of the local economy. Small businesses keep the money and wealth in the area, making the local economy even stronger.

  5. Locally owned businesses create more local jobs with better pay and benefits available at national chains.

  6. Entrepreneurs and small business owners fuel economic growth and local prosperity.

  7. Local stores generally require fewer resources than big box stores and make more efficient use of space and resources, which keeps local maintenance costs down.

  8. Locally owned small businesses create a shopping experience that is efficient, compact, and efficient. Big box stores require much larger swathes of land, which promote sprawl, loss of natural habitat, and increased air and water pollution.

  9. A downtown area with many businesses promotes competition and innovation and keeps prices down.

  10. Many small businesses give the opportunity for a wide variety of stores and shops with an incredible amount of diversity and choices of products and services.

As a local small business and sign shop, we have a great interest in the success of the local area. We are a part of the community, so we want to see local businesses succeed and see the local communities grow. When local businesses succeed, the local economy thrives, leading to improved local services, such as better schools and better maintenance of the streets and infrastructure.

As a sign shop, we are there throughout it all. We create awnings and architectural signs for local businesses, window signs and decals for seasonal promotions, and all sorts of outdoor reflective signs to help direct traffic to warn and protect pedestrians and drivers when new construction helps to expand the local downtown area due to the continued success that comes with supporting local small businesses.

The success of Burhani Signs and Graphics is thanks to the local communities who trust us to supply them with the best possible product. Our pride in our business and community only allows us to do the best possible job we can do and that reflects on our own business on the community as a whole.

When you need any sort of signage, come to us. We support the local business that supports the community. Burhani Signs is a local business, and our goal is the success of all of the small businesses in the area.

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