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UV Ink – Colors That Last!

When you head outdoors, every dermatologist and skin care professional will tell you that regardless of the temperature, you should always put on protection from the sun.  You need sunblock because of the ultraviolet or UV radiation that emanates from the sun.  Recommendations are that you should not be exposed to UVA or UVB for long periods since long-term exposure can lead to serious sunburns and, over time, can lead to serious issues, such as skin cancer.  You always have to be vigilant to protect yourself from these harmful rays.

It’s not only your skin you have to worry about when it comes to damage caused by UV radiation.  If you have ever left anything out in the sun for long periods, such as a beach chair, over time, you will see that the exposed colors in the chair start to fade and if you compare those colors with a part of the chair that is usually in the shade, such the bottom parts of the chair, you will see that quite a drastic difference in the color.  It is not only the color on fabric that can fade over time.  If you have ever seen an aluminum soda can that has been out in the sun for an extended period, you will see that the colors on the can are faded to the point that you can see the original color of the aluminum itself.  The sun can be quite destructive, and it doesn’t take all that long to start to see the damage the sun can do.

When it comes to your business signs, whether we are talking about canvas, decals, or even architectural signs, one major consideration you need to account for is whether the sign will be exposed to direct sunlight and what effect that will have on the signs over the long run.  When signs fade, they start to lose their appeal, and the sign, once a point of pride, can become a detriment to your business.  A sign built with the wrong materials and ink can send a message to your customers that you are willing to accept poor quality, so what does that say about the products and services you provide yourself?

When you work with Burhani Signs and Graphics, we take a long view of what your signs will do for your business.  UV inks are designed to resist the effects of the sun, keeping your signs and banners clean and vibrant for years to come.  We have worked with clients who have come to us after signs that are still relatively new have started to show signs of fading due to UV radiation.

Along with resisting fading, UV ink has several benefits for your signs.

  1. Great opacity – UV inks print clean, clear, and easy to read.

  2. Light Fastness – UV ink catches the light and reflects it making the sign appear brighter and boosts readability.

  3. Smear Resistant – UV ink stays in place, avoiding smearing that looks unsightly and unprofessional.

  4. Sharp Contrast – Also makes the sign easier to read.

  5. Prints consistently – A concern for standard ink on large signs is the color quality will change throughout the printing process leading to an inconsistent print job.  UV ink maintains its consistency, and regardless of the size of the sign, the color quality will be uniform and consistent.

We take your signs very seriously and want you to be as happy with your sign years from now as you are the day the sign is put in place. A large part of that satisfaction comes from the fact we utilize the latest in sign technology and use the UV ink that helps to keep your signs clean and vibrant for years to come.

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