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Wall Art to Set You Apart

Doesn’t it seem like businesses all use the same artwork on their walls? You know-that generic and benign landscape that is forgotten even while one is looking at it? Why hang a picture above reception that leaves absolutely zero impression on anyone that walks in the door? It makes sense to instead use that wall space as an opportunity to set the tone for the whole office. Depending on the message you are trying to send or the vibe you want to embody, utilizing peel and stick wall art designed to your specifications can go a long way to making that space unique and memorable.

Set your business apart

Why waste your time hanging pictures using hooks that will just damage the walls of a building that you may be leasing anyway? Especially if you can’t be assured that your competitors aren’t hanging the exact same things on their walls, with the business name swapped out. It makes far more sense to design and commission a logo or wall graphic from Burhani Signs and Graphics to suit your company’s individual sense of style and business goals. With the high-resolution digital printing we offer, you can assure that whatever your needs, whether text or graphics, what you receive will be the very highest quality product sure to set your business apart by showcasing what sets it apart from others in the field.

Beyond mere business sensibility, using an individually designed wall graphic also lets you set a tone for everyone who works in your office or steps in the door. If you want to express whimsy or artistry, it is easy enough to incorporate scrollwork or creative embellishments in the graphics design. Conversely, a no-nonsense, formal business environment can be embodied by simple fonts and clean lines.

Personalize Your Space

Is this a family business? Maybe the owners (i.e., family members) can get together and design something that represents shared history or interests in common to grace multiple surfaces in the building or at multiple locations. Much the same as logos on t-shirts promote teamwork among those who wear them, wall graphics can provide the same as well as pride and inspiration.

At the end of the day, using wall graphics is an opportunity to tailor at least part of your environment to suit the mood you are striving for in your business. Truly, depending on the style of the lettering and the images chosen, the ambiance of your workspace can only be enhanced by creating wall graphics using Burhani Signs and Graphics to produce them. What you choose to do with the rest of the space, as far as furniture and flooring are concerned, can fall into space once we have set the tone by adorning your walls.

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